Training Camps ………get your rest, they are coming soon!!!

End of season has arrived once again and for many of you, a rest has been well earned. We don’t want you to fall in love with the couch, but, putting the bike to one side for a few weeks will recharge your mojo for the season ahead.

Creating an environment where you are actually going to miss getting out on your bike is good for you. Take the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Re-join the circle of guys who head down to the hall for 5-a-side. Maybe you’ve missed too many nights out, or in, as the case may be. Eat some pizza…..some pizza we said. Try to keep the life style reasonably balanced as well.

Get your rest

It’s also a great time to address little niggles or do a little research into alternative fitness regimes. We are finding more and more cyclists with flexibility issues, affecting their technique and power output. Little niggles are being further aggravated as a result.

As your sabbatical from 2 wheels comes to an end, reviewing your season can prove very beneficial to how you plan your season ahead. What were your strengths? What let you down? Is it mental or is it physical? How was your bike handling? Do you need to spend a bit more time on the MTB this winter and work on your bike handling? Maybe dipping into a bit of cycle-cross could help. Be fair to yourself in your analysis.

If your season failed to live up to your expectations, maybe it was an issue with discipline. Discipline covers a whole host of issues. Sleep, rest, diet, nutrition and that’s before we even get to the bike. Had you a training plan? Did you stick to it? Why did you change it? Did the junk miles creep into your regime as the season progressed?

Did you struggle to get the balance right between racing at the weekend and your training regime during the week? This is a very common problem for cyclists at every level and very often, the season is almost over before you realise you are struggling with this routine.

So, what of the Bueno Bike Training Camps

Just enjoy your next few weeks, take at least 2-3 weeks off the bike. We’ve got lots of really exciting news regarding the training camps over the coming weeks.


Competition time……

We’ve had a great week, rated No.1 on TripAdvisor for attractions in Lanzarote and we’ve just passed 200 likes on facebook.
To celebrate, we want to give away 2 places on the Bodegas El Grifo Wine & Museum Bueno Bike Tour.

El Grifo Wine & Museum Bueno Bike Tour

To enter.

  • Head over to our facebook page.
  • Simply like and nominate yourself or a friend in your post for a wonderful day out in the oldest Winery Bodega in the Canary Islands.

Closing date

Sunday 5th October at 8pm

Prize includes

  • Wine,  cheese and crackers reception in El Grifo
  • Guided tour of the oldest Winery in the Canary Islands
  • Hybrid Bike to participate in the tour
  • Helmet

On the way back to Puerto del Carmen for a mini tour of the Old Town, we will visit one of the largest bakeries in the Canaries for coffee and a pastry to round off the day.


  • Tour will take place on a Friday and your prize is valid until 30th August, 2015.
  • Participants must be over 18.

El Grifo Winery & Museum Bueno Bike Tour

Every Friday, Bueno Bike Lanzarote visit all of our Bike Tour Partners to bring bike tour participants to El Grifo, the oldest winery & museum in the Canary Islands.  There, the participants will partake in a fully guided historical tour of the winery and museum and afterwards will get to sample the beautiful El Grifo wines.  (

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Note: Tour must be booked through Bueno Bike or one of our Bike Tour Partners by 5pm on Wednesdays

Level Basic

Distance 30km

Every Friday 10am – 2.30pm from Bike Tour Partners shops in Puerto del Carmen


  • €50 including Electric Bike
  • €45 including Hybrid Bike

MTB – A flavour of what awaits you.

We try our best to stay off the beautiful smooth tar roads of Lanzarote, we even try to avoid 4×4 tracks as well :-)

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Cycling in support of Mental Health – Sunday 20th July

Sunday 20th July, we are holding a “Spin Off” in support of a mental health initiative called the Cycle Against Suicide .

While originally an Irish initiative started by Irish entrepreneur, Jim Breen, as a result of his appearance a Secret Millionaire TV programme. The main objective of the Cycle is to raise awareness of the considerable help and supports that are available for anyone battling depression, self harm, at risk of suicide or those bereaved by suicide.

The main Cycle event this year, took place in April and May of 2014, creating a very tangible and practical opportunity for people who wanted to help support those who are affected by suicide. Thousands of participants took part over a 14 day period.

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can Break the Cycle of Suicide not just in Ireland but worldwide!

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So, what do we want to achieve from the Spin Off?

We are cycling as a group to help raise awareness for positive mental health in communities in Lanzarote  and around the world. We are helping to promote the message that ‘it’s ok not to feel ok and absolutely ok to ask for help.’

The cycle will be approximately 40 km in length. We will all cycle together, shoulder to shoulder, at an average speed not exceeding 20kph. We will wait for everybody!

Where: Beside the Tourist Office on the main strip in Puerto del Carmen HERE Call Mick on 0034693575480 if you have any difficulty finding the starting point

When: Sunday 20th July @9.30am

What else? Bring your bike, water and a few € for a coffee stop. Make sure to apply sun cream on and if you can wear some orange be it a t-shirt, gloves, socks, shoes, make-up, a wig or even an orange bike!

Can’t cycle? We would still love to see you come down and see us off. We want people who might only look from afar to realise that ‘it’s ok not to feel ok and absolutely ok to ask for help!’



3 Great reasons to go on a Bueno Bike Tour.

There is no mistaking the passion we have for our bike tours at Bueno Bike Lanzarote. In fact, every time we add to our ever increasing number of Bike Rental Partners, passion for bikes and cycling is a pre-requisite. You can get that sixth sense from all their staff. They “eat, sleep and drink” cycling and the wonderful lunar landscape that is Lanzarote.

So, we decided tell you 3 of the best reasons we’ve heard from staff and participants over the last number of weeks, why you should go on a Bueno Bike Tour.

1. The Canarian Food Experience

Our café stops are famous for stopping at local, off the tourist track type eateries. We also give you our own short-list of great restaurants to enjoy with family and friends in the evening afterwards. You will enjoy the best food and service at local prices!

2. Adventures

We will help you score some browning points when you get back, with little ideas for adventures to enjoy with family and friends during the days that follow. Maybe you’ll be sent back out on a bike tour sooner than you expect!

3. Culture and sport

We tell you about local events happening on the island that don’t form part of the normal tourist experience. The Canarians really know how to enjoy themselves and they are among the very best in the world for organising local sporting and cultural events!

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EDIT: We were tempted to tell you about Continue reading

La Graciosa MTB Adventure in association with TOURISTTICKET

We’ve been wanting to bring you something extra special for a while……..

Now, in partnership with TOURISTTICKET who are renowned for bringing you the best tours and excursions in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, we can offer you the La Graciosa MTB Adventure

This full day trip is a chance to experience the stunningly beautiful and tranquil landscape of La Graciosa on a mountain bike.

We can promise you that it will be the most memorable day you are ever going to spend on a bike!

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This tour takes place every Tuesday and as there are only limited places available, early booking is advisable through Bueno Bike Lanzarote and also exclusively through TOURISTTICKET in Club La Santa Hotel.

Click La Graciosa MTB Adventure for details of the tour.

New custom tour………MTB The Volcanic Bomb

“The Volcanic Bomb” is exactly why we love our days off. We rarely hang at the pool. New or less familiar trails are the order of the day. Navigation goes out the window. Every few weeks we return and combine single and 4×4 tracks to bring you new trails. Welcome to MTB “The Volcanic Bomb”.

The Volcanic Bomb

In the 1730’s, volcanic activity was at it’s height on the island. Sometimes it’s hard to visualise this period in Lanzarote’s history as times passes. The Volcanic Bomb is a stark reminder of this period of “hell on earth”. Visualise this monstrous pyroclast being hurled through the air like a shot, from an eruptive vent. They acquired a round or oval form, through their rotational movement through the air and still being semi molten. Some bombs are hugely heavy and big, owing to the violence of the explosion that hurled them out.

As you cast your radar across the landscape, you will be thinking, “what must it have been like?” Armageddon maybe? Probably!

DSC03889 DSC03916

Every pedal stroke feels different as any proper off-road should. Fast hard surfaces followed by mini gravel traps and sandy surfaces dictate changes in technique right throughout. Having said that the route is more about scenery than technique.

Route details

  • 62km
  • 872m of climbing
  • Highest Point 401m

Difficulty rating – Intermediate

Most of the trail is slightly easier than the blue square rating. The last 10km descends 380m and demands an element of care on the single track sections if done at speed. There are no drops or jumps of major note but we strongly advise that participants cycle at speeds within their ability.

More Information:

Bike Tour Schedule. Monday 30th June-Sunday 6th July

Booking are taken on a first come first served basis, where days are available. Tapas in Tias Evening Tour is available on request for 2-3 evenings a week.

Monday 30th June

1. MTB Volcanic Bomb (custom tour) 10am-3pm

2. Fun for Everbody. Tapas in Tias 4pm-7.30pm

Tuesday 1st July

MTB Custom Tour. La Graciosa. Details to follow. This is a brand new tour and we are really excited about it!!!! See the pics of the terrain on our facebook page.

Wednesday 2nd July

MTB Wine Valley 10am-2.30pm

Thursday 3rd July


Friday 4th July

Fun for Everybody. Wine Tour 10am-2.30pm

Saturday 5th July


Sunday 6th July


Bike Tour Schedule – Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th June

All return times are approximate. The duration includes our stop for coffee and of course our wine tasting on Fridays for the Wine Tour. We wait for everybody. These are all fun tours.

For training camp enquiries please contact us. Training camps start out early between the times of 6.30 and 8.00am. Please see the entire schedule for this week below.

Monday 23rd

Wine Valley MTB 10am-2.30pm

Tuesday 24th

Road Bike 60km Sportif (Tao, La Santa, Tinajo) 8.30am-12.30pm

Wednesday 25th

MTB Wine Valley

MTB Wine Valley – Every Wednesday

Wine Valley MTB 10am-2.30pm

Thursday 26th

Road Bike 60-80km Sportif (Manca Blanca, Timanfaya, Femes, La Geria) 10am-2.30am

Tapas in Tias – Fun for Everbody! Hybrids & Electric bikes. 4pm-7.30pm

Friday 27th

Wine Tour

Wine Tour – Every Friday

Wine Tour – Fun for Everybody! Hybrids & Electric bikes. 10am-2.30pm

Saturday 28th


Sunday 29th