“Electric” Wine Tour launches on Friday 28th February

At Bueno Bike we believe that cycling is a hobby that should be accessible to as many people as possible. Age and physical ability should not be a barrier for people wishing to experience the joys of cycling. So it is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of the “Electric” Wine Tour.

After much testing, we were joined for the our first official “Electric” Bike excursion by local handyman on the island, Jack Macken and Joan Burke of The Old Town Sports Bar in Puerto del Carmen.

Smiles all-round after the inagural "Electric" WIne Tour

So, what does the “Electric” Wine Tour entail?

Every Friday morning at 10am, we set off from Fliston’s Bike Rental to the La Geria wine region of Lanzarote for what was called the Wine Tour. 20km of cycling on the road, followed by complimentary coffee in a wine Bodega. We follow this up with another pit-stop at another Bodega to sample some red, white and sweet wines. To round off this 40km excursion, you are led through the most wonderful, almost lunar landscape, with lava fields and breath-taking panoramic views of the south coast as we freewheel down for much of the remaining 10km!

How easy is it? Well, how long is a piece of string? We’ve tested it. Our oldest participant in the tests in January of this year was 70 years old and she went for a walk afterwards! All of the participants during testing would describe themselves as people who do not cycle regularly.

Our motto has always been to ensure that “you have plenty of time to have fun, relax and to enjoy a memorable spin on the island of Lanzarote” – out of that, comes great conversation and of course, great memories!

The guide also takes pictures of your day out and they are e-mailed to you free of charge afterwards, so that you have memories that you can hold onto forever.

It gives us great pleasure when we witness the joy on participants faces, as they witness a landscape that has no equal when viewed from the saddle of a bike!