“Cycling, it’s the new golf”.

Cycling legend, Vuelta winner and former world No 1, Sean Kelly was quoted recently in an interview about the upcoming Giro that “Cycling, it’s the new golf. Everyone is doing it; from the postman, to the guy on the dole, to the company director, doctor… everybody is into it”.



It’s no different on the island of Lanzarote. Cyclists talents and professions are as varied as their ages. Scandanavian ski coaches in their 60’s, app designers in their teens, people in their 70’s who just don’t believe in retiring, the 50 somethings who’ve seen it all and of course the social media generation in their 20’s and 30’s. So, as the age profile of the participants gets wider and wider everyday, it probably comes as no surprise, that we’ve had the pleasure of having a select group of 80 something’s out on the bikes recently!

Inevitably conversation regularly turns to the resurgence of cycling worldwide. For Britons, the Olympics has been a great influence, for other nations who may not have a strong cycling heritage, it has been the breakthrough successes of their countrymen and women, and for others, it has been the worldwide recession that has made cycling a better draw than perhaps the gym.

Cycling, it's the new Golf

Cycling, it’s the new Golf

We like to think that unknown to themselves, people are simply returning to their roots. Cycling just happens to be the perfect medium. We don’t have free Wi-Fi on our bike excursions, but we have lots of conversation.

Worried that it’s been too long since you got up on a bike?

No, need to worry! We’ve had several people who’ve not been on a bike for 10, 15, 20 and would you believe almost 40 years.

Worried that you will not be up for it physically?

That’s where our electric bikes come into play. Yes, they do require you to pedal a little, but, our feedback from participants who used electric bikes is that they liked that they had to make a little effort and more importantly, they didn’t experience any pains or aches afterwards.

The real bonus is that it has rekindled their love of cycling, it’s the new golf!