3 Great reasons to go on a Bueno Bike Tour.

There is no mistaking the passion we have for our bike tours at Bueno Bike Lanzarote. In fact, every time we add to our ever increasing number of Bike Rental Partners, passion for bikes and cycling is a pre-requisite. You can get that sixth sense from all their staff. They “eat, sleep and drink” cycling and the wonderful lunar landscape that is Lanzarote.

So, we decided tell you 3 of the best reasons we’ve heard from staff and participants over the last number of weeks, why you should go on a Bueno Bike Tour.

1. The Canarian Food Experience

Our café stops are famous for stopping at local, off the tourist track type eateries. We also give you our own short-list of great restaurants to enjoy with family and friends in the evening afterwards. You will enjoy the best food and service at local prices!

2. Adventures

We will help you score some browning points when you get back, with little ideas for adventures to enjoy with family and friends during the days that follow. Maybe you’ll be sent back out on a bike tour sooner than you expect!

3. Culture and sport

We tell you about local events happening on the island that don’t form part of the normal tourist experience. The Canarians really know how to enjoy themselves and they are among the very best in the world for organising local sporting and cultural events!

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EDIT: We were tempted to tell you about wind, time, safety, nutrition, mechanical back-up and lots more, but you’re here to enjoy yourself. You don’t need to be worried about what can go wrong, we’ll look after that!