Training Camps ………get your rest, they are coming soon!!!

End of season has arrived once again and for many of you, a rest has been well earned. We don’t want you to fall in love with the couch, but, putting the bike to one side for a few weeks will recharge your mojo for the season ahead.

Creating an environment where you are actually going to miss getting out on your bike is good for you. Take the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Re-join the circle of guys who head down to the hall for 5-a-side. Maybe you’ve missed too many nights out, or in, as the case may be. Eat some pizza…..some pizza we said. Try to keep the life style reasonably balanced as well.

Get your rest

It’s also a great time to address little niggles or do a little research into alternative fitness regimes. We are finding more and more cyclists with flexibility issues, affecting their technique and power output. Little niggles are being further aggravated as a result.

As your sabbatical from 2 wheels comes to an end, reviewing your season can prove very beneficial to how you plan your season ahead. What were your strengths? What let you down? Is it mental or is it physical? How was your bike handling? Do you need to spend a bit more time on the MTB this winter and work on your bike handling? Maybe dipping into a bit of cycle-cross could help. Be fair to yourself in your analysis.

If your season failed to live up to your expectations, maybe it was an issue with discipline. Discipline covers a whole host of issues. Sleep, rest, diet, nutrition and that’s before we even get to the bike. Had you a training plan? Did you stick to it? Why did you change it? Did the junk miles creep into your regime as the season progressed?

Did you struggle to get the balance right between racing at the weekend and your training regime during the week? This is a very common problem for cyclists at every level and very often, the season is almost over before you realise you are struggling with this routine.

So, what of the Bueno Bike Training Camps

Just enjoy your next few weeks, take at least 2-3 weeks off the bike. We’ve got lots of really exciting news regarding the training camps over the coming weeks.