Weather Conditions – Thursday 14th & Friday 15th

In our opinion, for the next 2 days, the weather conditions for road biking or using a tri-bike are simply too dangerous. We are also cancelling the El Grifo Wine & Museum Tour on Friday for the hybrids & electric bikes.

MTB will be going ahead on specific routes suited to the conditions …..if you want to get out on the MTB over the next few days, contact us…..we were out today on a route we picked specifically for the conditions and it was epic, even by our standards.

So, how did it pan out?

Today (Thursday 19th) the storm has been brewing since early morning, high winds and heavy rain are promised.

– 1st climb, the wind blew us to the top from 5 metres all the way to 420 metres altitude
– 1st big descent was sheltered from the mountains
– coffee turned into a 2nd round of coffee and Canarian potatoes
– the next big climb was sheltered by the mountains
– 2nd big descent was nice and calm, dropping into the valley
– wind at our back for some of the most spectacular single track

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We could see the storm chasing us down…what an experience, what a day!


Please note: We are an experienced team here at Bueno Bike, we know the routes really well and we know if a route is suited to certain weather conditions.  Do not take these conditions lightly…we met 2 different groups of MTB tourists today, both were heading into the eye of the storm. The first wasn’t sure where they were going and the 2nd was on a track below us which was extremely dangerous, even by experienced standards…..Be Careful out there guys!