Lanzarote training destination – If it’s good enough for the pros……

One of the beauties of cycling is that you can do it anywhere in the world. All of the bike technology we have at our disposal, means there’s a bike to suit any condition, clothes to wear in any weather and scenic routes to enjoy across all the continents. Every destination has something going for it. Lanzarote is just one of those locations and for parts of the winter months, it has no equal.

Among the worlds top 10 sporting and cycling destinations, Lanzarote attracts the world’s elite sports people, not just in cycling or triathlon. They have been coming to the island for training camps for years, to bring their performance to a new level for the coming season. Good news may not travel as quickly as bad news, but it spreads, hence Lanzarote is no longer a secret.

For cyclists and triathletes, there’s an endless list of comparisons between the various destinations, but at the end of the day, the comparisons don’t matter! The proof is in the palmares of the various teams and individuals who use the island as their training ground.

Here’s just 2 such athletes we’ve met in recent times on the island, Igor Anton of the Movie Star World Tour cycling team and Romain Guillaume of UPlace BMC professional triathlon team.

Igor Anton - Movie Star

Igor Anton – Movie Star

Romain Guillaume – Uplace BMC

Over the coming weeks we’ll be on the road at our training camps with many cyclists looking forward to 2015. Levels will range from strong sportif riders to elite triathletes and cyclists. Needless to say, as their results come in during the coming year, we’ll tell you all about it!