Setting ourselves a challenge, “Everesting” – 13 reps of Tabayesco in 1 day!

Setting a challenge is one thing, doing it, is obviously another, but putting it on paper or putting it out there on social media makes it kind of difficult to back out.

The challenge

We are climbing the cumulative elevation of Mt. Everest on a bike.

That is 8,848 meters (29,029ft) – no small feat, but to do it in a day!

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Tabayesco, rising from 30metres to around 580metres over 10km, where better to do it? What better way to celebrate the legendary climb? Climbing over the course of the 10km amounts to around 695 metres of climbing, 13 repetitions of the climb will get us beyond our target.


Sunday 26th April, starting at 7am. Our training camps will be over and it will happen before the release of our MTB & Sportif Holiday Tours.

For what? Charity

We decided to do the event for the Cycle Against Suicide.

For lots of reasons including that their awareness campaign involves a lot of cycling and getting people out and talking #ItsOkNotToFeelOk and essentially they are saving lives and they are changing the culture and stigma attached to mental illness.

Here’s our charity page, but only donate if you can, we are firm believers in the saying that “Charity starts at home”!

So let’s get it started right here….

  • Start time for the first ascent, 7am, Sunday 26th April, 2015.
  • Cyclists, spectators….come out and join us even for just one climb
  • If you have a business, cycling or non-cycling related and you would like to get involved…talk to us
  • Have a day out at Restaurante Los Helechos at the top and lend your verbal support throughout the day

Stay tuned, we want this idea to grow arms & legs, so there will be lots of edits over the coming weeks.


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