1st Review of the NEW Ironman Lanzarote Bike course.

The NEW IM Lanzarote course has finally been revealed in the last 24 hours and we love it!

While the course has been a well-kept secret, our sources were able to reveal the course to us in March and we took the opportunity to ride the course, recently.

The are lots of questions to be asked and to be answered and here’s our take on the new course.

It’s a great IM course, arguably better than previous courses. While there is a similar amount of elevation, the course lends itself better to a higher number of participants making the time cuts.

The first main difference is where the course went from the El Toro roundabout to Uga via Puerto Calero. It now goes up behind the El Toro restaurant towards Tias, through Conil and onto the LZ 30, turning left to go down through La Geria to Uga (Camel Roundabout).
The course rejoins the old course for a lap of El Golfo and proceeds up through Timanfaya and the National Park to Mancha Blanca. This is where the new course changes again.

The loop that takes in Tiagua, back to Tinajo, down to La Santa, Soo and Famara has been completely omitted.
Turn right in Mancha Blanca to ride the “planet of the apes” road LZ-56 all the way to the LZ-30. Turn left onto the LZ-30 going all the way to Teguise, back on the old course again and all the way to Mirador del Rio.

The course continues back through Mala and Guatiza to the next (most welcome) change. Tahiche and the horrible Nazaret LZ-408 have been omitted. Instead, you turn right onto the LZ-404 for Teseguite and Teguise.

As you leave Teguise on the LZ-30, you will turn for Famara on the LZ-402. Here the route designers have added what we think is the “pièce de résistance”!

The new “down and back” to Famara on the LZ-402 is a fabulous addition, Las Laderas to be precise. Riders will have almost 140km in the legs. On paper, it’s a nice downhill to Famara, in reality, and assuming the wind blows North Easterly, this is going to snap a lot of legs. The draggy climb back up is only slightly softened by the very fact you will most lightly have a tailwind. The fact that any participants within 25-30 minutes of each other are likely to see each other on this section spices things up a little more.

Get back up to the roundabout and travel back down the LZ-30 to where the beginning of the course came out from the LZ-501 to the El Toro roundabout via Conil and the “donkey track”.

The highlights, without doubt, are the new additions. The route from El Toro to the LZ-30 via the “donkey track” and Conil is a climbers paradise. 295m altitude in Conil and only just over 15km in to the course. A few over-eager riders are going to blow up here. Also, the “down and back” to Famara. This will make or break riders, mental strength will play a big part for the athletes!

Overall, it’s a better-designed route and still as testing as the old course. Visually it’s even more amazing and the road surface is much better than before.

Do we expect a course record? Well, it’s a new course so there will be a record  but we expect the time to be marginally quicker on the new course.


Please note, the map graphic and the detail below have been sourced from the official IM Lanzarote website.

Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote Organization reserves the right to make changes to these routes. Distance: 182.2km The course, well known for challenging athletes with strong island winds, takes you all around the island with over 2508 m. of climbing. Participants will enjoy amazing views and will have lots of support from the volunteers along the way. The bike circuit will be closed to traffic and circulation will be controlled by the police. Please be careful at all times. Obey all police officers under all circumstances. The following gearing is advised: Rear cluster 12-25 Chain rings 52–39




2016 in numbers. Life of a bike tour guide Vol.5

What a year 2016 has been! While it’s done and dusted, there were many highlights to the year. Over 25% of my life (excluding an average of 8 hours sleep per day) was spent on the bike this year.


Total distance for the year 30,081km

Total climbing for the year 356,417m, it’s like climbing Mt.Blanc 74 times, it is 4,810m high and the highest peak in Europe.

Average speed (includes extreme MTB) 20.25kmh

Longest spin 500km with 4,910m of climbing

Most climbing in one spin 14,714m during 17 reps of Tabayesco over the course of 347km and over 16 hours of riding the bike.

KOM’s 13, but here are the one’s we’re most proud of

Top speed??? We’re not sure maybe 120kph but we had a lot of fun on this one with a top speed of 103kph Actually, here’s 3 youtube downhill videos from that very spin

Shortest spin 2km, we didn’t log all of the short ones…. but this one was just to catch up with friends and wish them a Merry Christmas 🙂

Another climb ticked off the to do list :)

Happy New Year everybody, hoping you all have an even better 2017!

Stay posted for our New Year Resolutions, it’s going to get a lot more interesting…….



The definitions of tiredness…..Life of a Bike Tour Guide – Vol.3

The life of a bike tour guide, easy job, very easy if you love it!

I love my bike

You don’t think of the physical demands, but sometimes, like it or lump it, you are tired in the morning, not because of a late night or lack of sleep but cycling day in day out for days on end. Every morning, no matter what happens, I’m almost fist pumping at the idea of another great day on the bike!

Here’s a selection of some of my morning mishaps 🙂

  1. Riding out an MTB for a road bike tour
  2. Mixing up the hair-gel, the hand-wash and the toothpaste
  3. Locking the front door and the bike is still in the house
  4. Odd socks, normally only noticed when I get home
  5. Camera has no battery or memory card

Occasionally, I have forgotten to put on a helmet but you get that immediate “I feel naked” moment when you sit up on the bike and you go back inside to get it.

There’s 2 things I never forget……water & sun-cream.

Life of a Bike Tour Guide – Vol.2

Number questions for Mick this weekLife of a Bike Tour Guide Vol.2

Distance for the last week?

MTB 373km, 253km was actual off-road.

Road Bike 362km

Total 735km

Hours on the bike for this week? Don’t know, I don’t wear a watch and for those that know me, you will know that I don’t pull out the phone during a tour to check…..time doesn’t matter on tour 🙂

Age? 40

Height? 177cm

Weight? 67-70kg depending on the bike schedule

Fat? 10%, if it ever goes lower, I treat myself to pizza with extra cheese 🙂


Resting heart rate? 47

Max heart rate? 189

FTP? Around 335 watts

VAM? Not sure, could be 1200-1400m for an hour. In April, I climbed 10,500 in just over 12 hours……long day, that can be the life of a bike tour guide.


Weather Conditions – Thursday 14th & Friday 15th

In our opinion, for the next 2 days, the weather conditions for road biking or using a tri-bike are simply too dangerous. We are also cancelling the El Grifo Wine & Museum Tour on Friday for the hybrids & electric bikes.

MTB will be going ahead on specific routes suited to the conditions …..if you want to get out on the MTB over the next few days, contact us…..we were out today on a route we picked specifically for the conditions and it was epic, even by our standards.

So, how did it pan out?

Today (Thursday 19th) the storm has been brewing since early morning, high winds and heavy rain are promised.

– 1st climb, the wind blew us to the top from 5 metres all the way to 420 metres altitude
– 1st big descent was sheltered from the mountains
– coffee turned into a 2nd round of coffee and Canarian potatoes
– the next big climb was sheltered by the mountains
– 2nd big descent was nice and calm, dropping into the valley
– wind at our back for some of the most spectacular single track

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We could see the storm chasing us down…what an experience, what a day!


Please note: We are an experienced team here at Bueno Bike, we know the routes really well and we know if a route is suited to certain weather conditions.  Do not take these conditions lightly…we met 2 different groups of MTB tourists today, both were heading into the eye of the storm. The first wasn’t sure where they were going and the 2nd was on a track below us which was extremely dangerous, even by experienced standards…..Be Careful out there guys!




Training Camps ………get your rest, they are coming soon!!!

End of season has arrived once again and for many of you, a rest has been well earned. We don’t want you to fall in love with the couch, but, putting the bike to one side for a few weeks will recharge your mojo for the season ahead.

Creating an environment where you are actually going to miss getting out on your bike is good for you. Take the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Re-join the circle of guys who head down to the hall for 5-a-side. Maybe you’ve missed too many nights out, or in, as the case may be. Eat some pizza…..some pizza we said. Try to keep the life style reasonably balanced as well.

Get your rest

It’s also a great time to address little niggles or do a little research into alternative fitness regimes. We are finding more and more cyclists with flexibility issues, affecting their technique and power output. Little niggles are being further aggravated as a result.

As your sabbatical from 2 wheels comes to an end, reviewing your season can prove very beneficial to how you plan your season ahead. What were your strengths? What let you down? Is it mental or is it physical? How was your bike handling? Do you need to spend a bit more time on the MTB this winter and work on your bike handling? Maybe dipping into a bit of cycle-cross could help. Be fair to yourself in your analysis.

If your season failed to live up to your expectations, maybe it was an issue with discipline. Discipline covers a whole host of issues. Sleep, rest, diet, nutrition and that’s before we even get to the bike. Had you a training plan? Did you stick to it? Why did you change it? Did the junk miles creep into your regime as the season progressed?

Did you struggle to get the balance right between racing at the weekend and your training regime during the week? This is a very common problem for cyclists at every level and very often, the season is almost over before you realise you are struggling with this routine.

So, what of the Bueno Bike Training Camps

Just enjoy your next few weeks, take at least 2-3 weeks off the bike. We’ve got lots of really exciting news regarding the training camps over the coming weeks.


Tour excursion schedule – Wednesday 18th – Monday 23rd

Wednesday 18th

MTB Wine Valley

Thursday 19th

Ocean Lava – Fun Tour

Tapas in Tias – Fun Tour

Friday 20th

Wine Tour – Fun Tour

Saturday 21st

MTB Papagayo

Sunday 22nd

By appointment – first come first served

Monday 23rd

MTB Wine Valley


Tour Excursion Schedule. Wednesday 11th – Saturday 14th June

Rollercoaster MTB Find us in Fliston Bike Papagayo MTB Road Bike Sportif Wine Tour

Wednesday 11thMTB Wine Valley Tour

37km of which 30km is off-road. Route is not technical, however, powder and gravel surfaces are slippery and require an intermediate level of bike handling. We finish in Puerto del Carmen with a 19 hair-pin steep pathway.

Thursday 12th

Available on a first come first served basis for a spin of your choice.

Friday 13th – 2 tours

  1. Road Bike 60km. Start time 6.30am. Contact us for start location. Suitable for sportif level cyclists.
  2. Wine Tour. This is a social spin, we wait for everybody. A fun way to see the island! Start time 10am.

Saturday 14th

Arrecife Castle and Market Spin. Start time 10am. A social spin, we wait for everybody. We visit an authentic Spanish artisan food market, the Recova market, San Gines Church and Castillo San Gabriel.

Road Bike Training Camps

After much experimenting with some professional and high level domestic cyclists, Bueno Bike have the pleasure of bringing you a training camp with a difference.

North of the Island

No, you don’t have to book in with us for the week. In fact, we don’t want you to. Cyclists don’t have to be rocket scientists to find their way around the island of Lanzarote and we understand that. Training camp sessions only take place on a Sunday, Monday & Thursday, and there are lots of reasons to take part.

Focus in on what you really want to achieve for the week. Find out about the best routes for the other days where you will be doing your own thing. Routes to avoid and we will even tell you about a few hidden gems, in terms of great places to eat, at local prices!

Know that your week is going to be set up. We even have an option for a rest day on a mountain bike – improve your bike handling, recover and get ready for another intense 2-4 days of training.

More information here

All the sessions are suitable for racers, tri-athletes and sportif riders aspiring to better things this season!