MTB The Volcanic Bomb

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Cost   €39 excluding bike hire

Level Intermediate

Most of the trail is slightly easier than the blue square rating. The last 10km descends 380m and demands an element of care on the single track sections if done at speed. There are no drops or jumps of major note but we strongly advise that participants cycle at speeds within their ability.

Distance 52km

3D video of the route

“The Volcanic Bomb” is exactly why we love our days off. We rarely hang at the pool. New or less familiar trails are the order of the day. Navigation goes out the window. Every few weeks we return and combine single and 4×4 tracks to bring you new trails. Welcome to MTB “The Volcanic Bomb”.

In the 1730’s, volcanic activity was at it’s height on the island. Sometimes it’s hard to visualise this period in Lanzarote’s history as times passes. The Volcanic Bomb is a stark reminder of this period of “hell on earth”. Visualise this monstrous pyroclast being hurled through the air like a shot, from an eruptive vent. They acquired a round or oval form, through their rotational movement through the air and still being semi molten. Some bombs are hugely heavy and big, owing to the violence of the explosion that hurled them out.

As you cast your radar across the landscape, you will be thinking, “what must it have been like?” Armageddon maybe? Probably!


Every pedal stroke feels different as any proper off-road should. Fast hard surfaces followed by mini gravel traps and sandy surfaces dictate changes in technique right throughout. Having said that the route is more about scenery than technique.

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