Wine Valley MTB Tour

9.30am – 2.00pm Intermediate Level 37km Cost €35 excluding bike hire

Complimentary coffee 🙂

Slow start for the first 10km, to conserve energy, not only for the climb, but to be able to enjoy the descent into the Wine Valley and later for the descent down to the coastline. We wait for everybody at various points on the climbs & descents.


38km with over 28km off-road.  Experience the feel of volcanic, clay and gravel surfaces, it’s nothing like the mud of Northern & Western Europe.  Most of the climbing is done on smooth surface. Most of the off-road is either down hill or flat.  Off-road surfaces vary including volcanic gravel, powder surfaces and rough surface with lose stones.

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More Information:

Normally, we go a lot slower, but if you want to blow off some steam, wait for us at the bottom of the descents and at the top of the climbs….this is what you might get up to (at your own risk of course!)

Please note, the rider in this video is a professional dirt track motorbike rider.