Road Bike Holiday – Photo Gallery

Bueno Bike Lanzarote are solely dedicated to bike tours in Lanzarote. We let the bike shops look after bikes, while we are expert at looking after the participants out on the road.

We ride the roads of Lanzarote on a full time basis. We know the routes like a sailor knows the sea. We know the safest, most challenging and fun routes. We have put together an eclectic combination of the very best this lava landscape has to offer!

Each day of your Road Bike Holiday we will do 60-100km

We don’t describe each route. Experience has thought us to respect the weather conditions and the wind direction. You might not need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out a map, but you do need local knowledge so ensure that you are going to take the right route on a given day!

We will however cover all of the landmarks of the island over the 3 to 5 days.

This gives you great amunitition to fill you itenary for the other days be they cycling or non-cycling related.