Road Bike

We cater for tri-athletes, road cyclists and sportif cyclists.

Use Sportif Spins as an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of your cycling while you are on the island. The guide will tell you about other great routes, routes to avoid, great places to eat and even adventures for the rest of the family so that you can spend even more time on the bike. The Sunday Spin is an ideal way to provide you with all the information you need to set up your spins for the week. We also have 3 different 60km loops to try out during the week (booking required and subject to availability).

Training Sessions

Unlike many others, these aren’t simply about mile building – they are carefully planned.

  • You will not be on a typical club spin (doing junk miles)
  • You will warm-up and warm down as a group
  • They are suitable for all levels!
  • Ineperienced riders and Grand Fondo riders will learn invaluable lessons about getting faster with less effort.

The warm-up and warm-down are done using a low gear. Speed is very low and stronger cyclists will simply “spin” a lower gear.

Most sessions are interval orientated, usually either sets of sprints or 4-5 minute intervals. These take place on really quiet stretches of road. After each set or interval the rider returns to the start. This means all riders are training within an area of 1-3km approx.

This allows us to analyse each rider and provide constructive tips to improving as a rider.

Most participants tell us that they enjoy these training sessions more than a normal spin and they are pleasantly surprised and shocked how cyclists of completely different levels can train together and still come home as a group!

Morale is always very high among the group on the way home as they know they have trained effectively!

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