Training Camps – Early Morning

Start time Between 6am & 8.30am (1st come first served basis, subject to availability)

Duration 1.5-3 hours

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Our routes are professionally designed for training camps with a balance of fun, suffering and efficiency – yes, it is possible.

Road Bike training sessions are available subject to the bike tour schedule. We give priority to early morning starts.

Primary Focus

After a brief discussion, the session can include any of / or a combination of the following

  • Interval sessions, VO2 max or speed work
  • Climbing
  • Sprinting
  • Technique

Sessions take place on road sections rather than 1 long loop. This is to facilitate riders of different abilities. We want you to get the most out of your “training camp” and we will push you to your limit and show you that you are capable of more!!!

The format ensures that nobody is left behind, but stronger riders will put in more miles, more reps and greater efforts according to ability.

Warm ups and warm downs are done together. Morale forms an important basis for wanting to get back out on the bike the next time!

Available on Request

  • Motor Pacing
  • Massage
  • Recovery Boots
  • Support vehicle for frames, wheels etc.
  • Easier routes
  • Earlier starts


  • Recovery / maintenance vehicle on call

For the days where we do not have an early morning training camp, you can join us on one of our Sportif spins, maybe treat it as a recovery day if you are a stronger cyclist. Alternatively, if you would like to try out some off-road, all of our Bike Tour Partners are happy for you to swap your hired Road Bike for an MTB free of charge.

We will also give you routes for you to get some base mileage in. Base mileage spins can be done anywhere, at anytime.

Base mileage does not form a part of these once off early morning sessions.

After the early morning session, we will also tell you about routes to avoid and we can point you in the direction of some of the best places to eat on the Island, at local prices!!!

Get the most from your training with Bueno Bike!

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