Training Camps – January February March 2015

Training camps will be based in Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

Prices for flight, accommodation & camp from £440 / 550  from the UK & Ireland 


All you have to decide is whether to bring your own bike or rent one!!!

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So how do both camps compare and which would suit you better?  It’s about 6 of one and a half-dozen of another, they are very similar.  It will probably be the date rather than the figures that will influence your choice of training camp in the end!

Camps are for 7 days

  • 1 day of spinning
  • 2 days of base
  • 2 days of intervals
  • 2 days of training you’ll be telling your road captain about when you get home!

Puerto del Carmen

  • 620km*
  • 10,668m of climbing*
  • Interval 5.54km & 302m of climbing (option for shorter more intense intervals)

Costa Teguise

  • 631km*
  • 9823m of climbing*
  • Interval 6.2km & 377m of climbing (option for shorter more intense intervals)

* Only 2 intervals have been included in the total figures, stronger cyclists will do more intervals.

Intervals are done on road sections which means warm-ups and warm-downs are done as a group…morale is a big feature of the camp.

Dates Check out the Bike Tour Schedule for more detail on the distance, climbing and the focus of each session

  • 18th-25th January – Puerto del Carmen
  • 1st-8th February – Costa Teguise
  • 8th-15th February – Puerto del Carmen
  • 22nd February – 1st March –  Costa Teguise
  • 8th -15th March – Puerto del Carmen

Training Camps 2015

Trust us when we say, you won’t be sitting at the airport at the end of day 7, saying “I could have done that at home“!